Graduate surveys during the pandemic

The COVID-19 epidemic required us to amend the planned surveys with students of first stage sectoral vocational schools, vocational secondary schools and post-secondary schools.

Along with the suspension of classes, the survey conducted by interviewers in schools was interrupted. The directors of the same schools selected for the survey will be asked again by employees of PBS and Danae to allow the survey to be conducted in their school. Such interviews, which were unable to be conducted because of the epidemic, are currently planned for the first half of 2020 (the interviews will be conducted with students who will then be attending the last grade of school). By January 2023, interviewers will have contacted them twice more after their graduation.

The research using online surveys continued with school directors and students, but this was also affected by the pandemic. The pandemic prevented the implementation of this part of the study in the schools themselves, with students gathered in one place to fill out the online survey (for example, in a school’s IT lab).

Changes in the project allowing PBS and Danae to conduct the research also require changes to the project conducted by IBE, including the analysis of collected data. Detailed changes in both projects have been agreed to by the Ministry of National Education, IBE, PBS and Danae. The implemented solutions are aimed at achieving the anticipated goals without risking the infection of respondents and preventing the research firms and their employees from being negatively affected by the pandemic while performing the research.

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