System for monitoring
the fate of graduates

Institute of Educational Research in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MEN) and Education Information Center (CIE) is working on creating the System for monitoring fate of secondary school graduates. In the future the system will be providing cyclical, reliable and relevant feedback necessary for planning strategic actions and evaluation of secondary education quality, vocational education in particular. The developed solution is based on the nationwide system of monitoring named Graduate Tracking System (ELA), but it will concern the further educational fate and the situation of secondary school graduates on the labor market.

System development support

At the stage of creating the System, surveys are conducted with students and graduates as well as directors of first-degree industry schools, technical secondary schools and post-secondary schools. The analysis of the collected data will be used to learn about the determinants on which the fates of graduates depend and to formulate recommendations for improving the education policy. More information on the research carried out in: “Field research”.

How does the System work?

The System will be based on the technology of automatic administrative data processing, which is not only a cost-effective solution, but also does not generate any additional burden on the side of schools.

Study visit in Finland

In November 2019, at the invitation of the Finnish Center for Pensions (FCfP), the IBE project team of the monitoring the fate of graduates took part in a one-day seminar on the possibilities of using registry data for socio-economic analyzes. The meeting took place in Helsinki, along with researchers from the Finnish Center for Pensions (FCfP), and scientists from Estonia’s Tallinna Ülikool took part in it.


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