The system for monitoring the professional and educational pathways of vocational school graduates

The Educational Research Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education (MEN) and the Education Information Centre (CIE) are working on developing a system to track secondary school graduates’ educational and professional pathways. The system is intended to provide cyclical, reliable and relevant feedback required to plan strategic actions and to evaluate the quality of secondary education, especially vocational education. The developed solution is based on a nationwide system of monitoring called the Graduate Tracking System (ELA), but it will concentrate on the future educational pathways and situation on the labour market of secondary school graduates.

System development

During the stage of developing the system, surveys are conducted with students and graduates as well as the directors of first stage sectoral vocational schools, vocational secondary schools and post-secondary schools. The analysis of the collected data will be used to learn about the determinants impacting the pathways graduates take as well as to formulate recommendations for improving education policies. More information on the research conducted can be found in “Field research”.

How does the system work?

The system will be based on the technology of automatic administrative data processing, which is not only a cost-effective solution, but also does not generate any additional burden on schools.

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